Thematic groups

     As for any other learned society, and especially for the SFGP, science and technology are the very foundations of our existence.
To organize the concrete actions and to mobilize the people interested by these, that come from the academic or industrial world, des Thematic Groups (GT) exist. These are permanent groups of expertise with two types of mission :

  • disseminate and share scientific knowledge and expertise
  • lead a specific prospective reflection (Where are we going, where do we go?)

To date, the Thematic Groups (TG) are listed, which are listed below. As we can see on this one, the fields of activity of the GTs are very varied and do not have borders totally independent of each other. TGs often have to cooperate both in terms of action and reflection. It is for this purpose that was created the Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) gathering around its president Jack LEGRAND all the Thematic Group animators.

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