IEP Day July 3, 2013

The IT and Processes thematic group of the SFGP
Organized a day on the theme

“Reconciliation of data or how to obtain coherent reports, detect faulty sensors and obtain the richest possible information from raw measurements on an industrial installation.”

Wednesday, July 3, 2013
Cnam – amphi Laussédat

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Find below the presentations of the day : (in order of passage)

Morning – 09:00 to 13:00
State of the art: academic presentations

10h15 – 11h – José RAGOTEnsem, Nancy
A priori analysis of measurement inconsistencies for validation.

11h – 11h45 – Georges HEYENUniversity of Liège
Optimal valuation of the results of a data reconciliation.

Utilisation industrielles

11h45 – 12h15 – Jacques VILLENEUVE et Philippe WAVRERBMG
Data reconciliation method by material balance on a composting facility.

12h15 – 12h45 – Stéphane BROCHOTCaspeo
Role of data reconciliation for process management and link to financial management:
application to the production of metals.

Afternoon – from 14:00 to 15:00
Industrial use

14h30 – 15h – Pierre-Boris KALITVENTZEFFBelsim
Use of reconciliation and data validation as Energy Performance Management System.

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