Chemical engineering as applied to medicine

Attend the EFCE Forum on New Technologies and learn how Chemical Engineers are bringing their skill set to physiology and medicine. Experts in the field will show us some current approaches and toolkits. They are known to Chemical Engineers but mostly unknown to medical professionals. Presenters will show how modelling and systems engineering techniques are being used to tackle the complexity of physiology, using transport and reaction engineering to model medical instruments such as dialysis, designing artificial organs, developing devices controlling drug and nutrient feeds, and exploring the effects of particulates on human health and more. Chemical Engineers have been developing engineering design and analysis approaches to modelling biological systems across multiple levels – cell signaling networks, gene, protein and metabolic networks, the movement of molecules and fluids in physiological flows through to exploring whole physiological systems.

Don’t miss this opportunity and come to Paris in December !!!

Lunch and breaks included


05 Déc 2022


All Day

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FIAP – Jean Monet
30 rue Cabanis, 75014, Paris France


Chemical engineering as applied to medicine