Welcome at the web page of the  26th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering CHISA 2022.

We believe that the on-line form of CHISA Virtually 2021 will be abandoned and the Congress will return to the traditional face-to-face occurrence. We strongly hope that any precautions due to covid-19 will not be already necessary in summer 2022.

The series of International Congresses CHISA taking place in the centre of Europe started in 1962 in Brno, Czechoslovakia then continued in Mariánské Lázně, and since 1972 the Congresses have been held in Prague. The term CHISA originates from the Czech acronym for “Chemical Engineering, Chemical Equipment Design and Automation” and later became a “trade mark” for large meetings which had emphasised especially East-West-European and later pan-European contacts. Nevertheless, the stepwise development during the last two decades has transformed the one-time European Congresses into an event of world importance.

We hope to meet you in person at CHISA 2022 in Prague.


22 - 25 Août 2022


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